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To Sandy Khehra:
I recently found myself in a very upsetting predicament. My son was arrested for an offence that if found guilty, could totally impact the future career path he has planned. He is a first time offender and most definitely made a bad choice, however, one bad choice can change your entire life.
Sandy came highly recommended to me by a friend. My son and I were able to meet with him within a few days. This was greatly appreciated as the stress builds when facing the unknown.
From our first meeting with Sandy we felt very confident in his ability to represent us. He is very well spoken and most of all we felt comfortable and not judged. Any and all questions we had were answered in a timely fashion.
Upon reading disclosure I was very impressed with how thorough Sandy was with his requests for more disclosure from the Crown. Our case was resolved without making a plea or attending a Courtroom.
From the bottom of our hearts we will always be grateful for the friendly and superior professionalism Sandy displayed while representing us.
Sandy and his assistant, Kelly, made a very stressful situation bearable.

S.E., Former Client

To Bernie O’Brien and staff:
Thanks a lot for your great assistance with this matter Bernie, Justin and Kelly for highly professionally handling my case. Wish you all the best.

I.A., Former Client

To Sandy Khehra:
I just want to thank you for your representation in the court, you have been a blessing for me in my tough time. You are excellent attorney, and on top of that a good person. May god bless you with lots for success and happiness in your life.

D.S., Former Client

To Bernie O’Brien:
Thank you for your fight to the end. You saved my life, my job and family.

M.J., Former Client

To Thomas Balka:
On behalf of our family, our heartfelt thanks to you and your team.

C. R., Former Client

To Andrew Elrick:
Thank you again for your excellent counsel. You and your team have done an outstanding job from start to finish.

J.M., Former Client

To Sandy Khehra and staff:
Please accept my sincere appreciation for the way you have always returned my calls, answered emails and spoke to me with such professionalism and compassion.

T.B., Former Client

To Sandy Khehra:
I would like to personally thank everyone in your good office for helping me with my case, most especially to you and Kelly. You guys are the best.

A.L., Former Client

To Sandy Khehra:
I would like to thank Sandy and Kelly for all the help, and the quick resolution. It was a pleasure doing business with you!

J.W., Former Client

To Justin Guile:
Thank you for all you’ve done for me… you have put my mind at east throughout this trial.

C.S., Former Client

To Bernie O’Brien and staff:
Thanks for all your hard work in winning my case and clearing my name again. I now have another chance to make it right.

M.M., Former Client

To Bernie O’Brien:
Thank you and your staff for their kindness and professionalism.

J.P., Former Client

To Andrew Elrick:
Just a quick note to thank you for all you’ve done throughout my case. It was a great relief to have it settled and behind me.

J.A., Former Client

To Sandy Khehra:
I understand that my brother’s matter is now successfully resolved. I want to express my sincere thanks to you. You achieved a great result for him. But even more importantly in my view, you treated him with compassion, dignity and respect, and provided him with strength through the process. You cared, and you got him help for some of his underlying issues that will continue to benefit him in the future. So from one lawyer to another, please let me say you are a credit to our profession, and we were very lucky to have found you.

G.G., Former Client

To Bernie O’Brien and staff:
Thank you for your support and outstanding professional services.

M.T., Former Client

To Andrew Elrick:
Thank you for all your work and help in resolving my case. Your time and patience with me was very much appreciated.

J.P., Former Client

To Bernie O’Brien and staff:
I remain very grateful for all your assistance and skilled defence.

A. K., Former Client

To Andrew Elrick:
Thank you for your help in my disability pension claim. I definitely would not have got it, had it not been for your experience and knowledge.

P. D., Former Client

Referring to Bernie O’Brien’s performance in a major Murder Trial
…urbane and razor-sharp…

Philip Mascoll, Veteran Court News Reporter – The Toronto Star

To Andrew Elrick:
I appreciate all of your hard work with our case. You and your staff conducted business in a very professional manner. We were pleased with the way we were kept up to date with proceedings. Our discussions with you were informative and you explained everything clearly to us so we were able to make informed decisions. In the future, we would definitely refer to you anyone in a similar situation.

M.T., Former Client